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East end Family Wellness focuses on your whole family’s health. We have a special interest in caring for pregnant women and children. Our team of dedicated providers are passionate about providing the families of East York with the best in healthcare. Our Chiropractors are extensively trained in prenatal care, pediatrics, functional neurology and in family wellness. Our team of Naturopaths and Registered Massage Therapists excel in empowering the families they care for with the tools to elevate their health and wellness. We love being part of the thriving families of East York and look forward to allowing our community to experience their healthiest and happiest life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our bodies are designed to be healthy!  Our brain controls and coordinates all the healing, regulating and stress adaptation performed by our bodies.  This information gets delivered to our body through our nerves.  Stresses that we encounter in our everyday lives impacts how our brain functions and the information our nerves receive. Chiropractic care removes the stress and tension from our nerves, allowing the body to function at its best.

Absolutely! Prenatal Chiropractic care reduces interference to the mother’s nervous system, which coordinates all of the systems and functions in her body. Chiropractic care helps to create a state of balance in the pelvic muscles, ligaments and bony structures, thereby preparing the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth. Women may also experience improved regulation of  menstrual cycles, optimized uterine function, allowing proper nerve supply to your reproductive organs.

Every pregnant mother wants to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body undergoes physiological and hormonal changes that can lead to additional stress on our nervous system.  Physically, the shift in the center of gravity, changing gait and posture, can lead to pelvic misalignment. Chiropractic care ensures your nervous system will function optimally, allowing you to be comfortable and enjoy your pregnancy. In our practice, we seek to provide our clients with practical help, knowledge and skills that will support their desired birth.

There are many advantages you may experience, such as

  • Less stressful pregnancy
  • Detection and correction of fetal malposition
  • Greater production of breast milk
  • Less back pain
  • Reduced need for pain medication and interventions during labour
  • Reduction of preeclampsia
  • Shorter labour times
  • Comfort with breastfeeding
  • Reduced incidence of postpartum depression

Definitely! It’s extremely safe and very sensible for both mother and baby. Our Chiropractors have received additional training and will use specialized techniques to make sure that mom and baby are comfortable and well taken care of.

It’s never too late to get adjusted! In every stage of pregnancy your nervous system will benefit from improved function. Our patients have received adjustments even during their labours.

Of course not! Today’s parents are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the mother’s health and pelvic biomechanics throughout pregnancy. Giving it due attention will not only result in a more comfortable pregnancy, but will optimize the baby’s developing systems in utero and contribute toward achieving optimal fetal positioning for a safer and easier birth for both mother and baby.

While Chiropractors can’t turn breech babies, what we can do is gently and specifically adjust a mother’s spine and pelvis back into a proper balanced state, establishing normal physiological function. In this balanced state, the result may be that your baby has a better opportunity to move into the correct birthing position. The Webster Technique has been shown to assist in balancing the pelvis. A 2002 study reported a 92% success rate of babies turning into a vertex position after use of the Webster Technique. In addition to being Webster certified, our Chiropractors are trained in the Spinning Babies techniques, providing further support to balance uterine position.

Knowing that your nervous system controls every function in your body, it is essential that children be checked by a Chiropractor. We recommend that children be checked from birth. All births, whether long or short, natural, assisted or cesarean can put a lot of pressure on your baby’s spinal cord and nervous system. When these tiny infants begin to grow, learn to crawl, and eventually walk, freshly developed motor patterns often lead to numerous slips/falls, bumps, and bruises. Chiropractic adjustments are crucial to helping keep kids in alignment through these fast changing years. Our Chiropractors are trained in pediatric exams and adjusting techniques to ensure that our young patients continue to perform at a high level, growing up healthy and strong.

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